The infinite has always fascinated me, particularly ideas and images of the cosmos which takes us to a place were we don’t rule but wonder, imagine or dream. I learnt Haute Couture embroidery in Paris. After a few years of travelling, seeking something, I discovered time and decided to switch from video-art to embroidery art. The slowness required to achieve one piece is part of what attracted me. In an age of instantaneity it might seem foreign to spend two months or more to realise one image, and not a big one at that. As much as I loved the idea of a slow construction, at the beginning it was extremely difficult not having a result in the minute, the hour or even the day; not to be able to erase a mistake in a second, but needing to spend days or weeks on five centimeters square in order to visualise a result. Little by little I learnt to focus on other things: the slowness of putting down an idea, the pleasure of repetitive tasks, the richness of the materials, the attention to minutiae. For me, slowness allows reflection on the infinite, helps fill the unknown. I downloaded the APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) app, and these inspiring images keep me going, bead by bead. I hope these pictures will offer you glitter and wonder.

Isidore, Bianca and I